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Seminar on New Technologies in Assessment and Measurement


The Eighth Seminar of the Chair Psychometric Applications and Models, funded by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento, will be held on the 24th of June. The main commitment of the Chair is to disseminate innovations and good practices in testing among Spanish Organizational Psychology professionals. To achieve this goal, our central activity is a seminar we organize every June/July. The seminar starts at 9 am, ends at about 2 pm, and has three parts: the invited conference, posters and coffee, and three more talks/case studies. We choose every year a central topic.  The last three (an invited speaker) have been these:  “Situational Judgment Testing (Prof. F. Lievens)”,“The Prediction of  Performance at Work (Prof. A. M. Ryan)” and “Improving Selection: from Theory to Practice (Prof. P. Sackett) ”. This year topic is “New Technologies in Assessment and Measurement”.

We have the pleasure of invite you to attend this year Seminar.  The full program is here. Our three invited speakers are:

Dr. Nancy Tippins (Senior Vice-president of CEB Inc.):
“Technology and Assessment”
“Case Studies on Using Technology and Assessment”
Dr. Antonio. L. García Izquierdo:
“El reclutamiento de personal mediante recursos web”
Dr. Francisco J. Abad García:
“Avances en medición adaptativa”

The seminar is free. If you are interested and can join us at the UAM university, please fill in this inscription form. If you cannot, you may attend the seminar online by clicking on this link, as the Consejo General de La Psicología de España will stream the four talks (the first two in English and the last two in Spanish).

Please, direct any question or doubt to Prof. Vicente Ponsoda (
Facultad de Psicología. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Madrid. Spain