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The highest body in EAWOP is the General Assembly. It decides about the general policy and budget of the association. It also elects the President and the Executive Committee. The Assembly is composed of the Full Members (individuals) and the Representatives of the Constituents (national professional associations in Europe).

The Executive Committee is composed of seven members, including the President. The Executive Committee elaborates and implements the association’s policy and fulfills all further roles vis-à-vis the members and the outside world. The EC is supported by Task Forces and the Secretariat. The Constituent Council, composed of representatives of the Constituents, advises the Executive Committee on any relevant matters.

In addition, there are activities that are under the control or supervision of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee. Such activities include EAWOP Congresses; Journals (European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Psychology Review, and the professional e-journal); specific schools (Early Career Summer School for Advanced Work and Organizational Psychology); the Baltic Area Alliance; Small Group Meetings; and Specialized Certificates. There is also considerable room for activities that are not under the direct control of the General Assembly or the Executive Committee. Such activities take place in Dedicated Networks (run by Constituents) and Spontaneous Networks (run by individual members).