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Angela J. Carter

Hello readers,

Welcome to the 8th issue of EWOP In-Practice with papers on the application of Work and Organizational Psychology. We hope you will enjoy this issue containing four journal articles and a new feature Latest News; containing an interview clarifying the progress of the Specialised Certificate in Work and Organizational Psychology. As an added feature of this edition we are offering individual paper downloads for each of the articles and features. You will find individual links to each of the papers further below.

We open with a fascinating paper from Yasen Dimitrov and Ivo Vlaev about an organizational intervention to improve lunch-time food selection by workers in a factory in Bulgaria. The nudge intervention described shows promise in shaping healthy eating behaviours that you may want to apply in other contexts.

Next, we have the opportunity to examine a new method of exploring the relationship between extrinsic and intrinsic job satisfaction and well-being. Rosanna Maxwell demonstrates the importance of employees’ attribute to different aspects of job satisfaction that is likely to influence impact on well-being. There are a number of interesting implications of these findings that will interest readers concerned with organizational well-being.

We follow with an absorbing study from Charlotte Axon and Anna Topakas looking at leadership emergence. This paper moves beyond notions of personality to explore the role of motivations, self-evaluation and values in becoming a leader. There are numerous practical recommendations that will interest readers looking at emergent leaders and talent management.

Staying with the topic of leadership Nora Kariluoma and her colleagues from Finland explore Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) finding that personality, core self-evaluation and communication skills are more likely to influence the quality of relationships between managers and workers than demographic variables. The authors examine these in findings within the context of organizational culture.

Finally, we offer Latest News describing the prepress of the Specialised Certificate in Work and Organizational Psychology. Salvatore Zappalà, Chair of the Specialist Certificate Awarding Committee, is interviewed by EAWOP’s Executive Committee member and Treasurer José Ramos.

We hope this collection of papers and Latest News will stimulate thinking about your own practice and day-to-day working activities. We thank the authors and contributors for their insightful inputs to In-Practice. We hope that these articles will inspire you to reflect and comment. You can contact the authors directly by email to continue discussion; or use EAWOP’s LinkedIn Group (with the author’s permission).

In-Practice is a journal that is for you, the EAWOP Practitioner and Scientist; and is made by your contributions. Please think about writing for the journal yourself. We publish papers about the practice of Work and Organizational Psychology, your reflections and discoveries, new and well-tested applications, and comments about things that may not work too well. Through this discussion and exploration Work and Organizational Psychologists will strengthen their community of practice.  As for the length of article, a two to three page contribution is perfect; or more if you wish. The format for the papers is described in the style guide associated with this page. If you would like to discuss any ideas for a contribution (either an article or Latest News) or send us an outline we would be happy to comment on this and assist you in the preparation of your article. 

Best wishes for the up and coming festive season. We look forward to seeing you in Dublin in May, 2017 and bringing you more articles about the application of Work and Organizational Psychology.


Dr. Angela Carter Editor EWOP In-Practice

Dr Diana Rus Co-editor

Dr Colin Roth Co-editor 


Table of Contents (each .pdf opens as a separate file)

Yasen Dimitrov and Ivo Vlaev

Nudging workers to make healthier food choices

Rosanna L Maxwell

A New Way of Examining Job Satisfaction and Employee Well-Being: The Value of Employee Attributed Importance

Charlotte Axon & Anna Topakas

Beyond personality: exploring the role of motivations, self-evaluations and values in leadership emergence within an organizational setting

Nora Kariluoma, Hanna Heinonen, Hanna Vene, Katriina Rehnbäck, Esko Keskinen & Soili Keskinen

Personality, core self-evaluation and communication skills seem to be more important than demographic variables in the development of LMX

Latest News

The Specialist Certificate in Work and Organizational Psychology: an interview with Salvatore Zappalà, Chair of the Specialist Certificate Awarding Committee