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Postgraduate interdisciplinary Diploma in Work & Health, Switzerland


Interdisciplinary Diploma of Advanced Studies in Work+Health, Switzerland

From March 2014, the University of Zurich and the University of Lausanne offer the new, interdisciplinary Diploma of Advanced Studies DAS Work+Health. This postgraduate program integrates the three specialisations Organizational Health Development, Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Medicine.

Work imposes numerous demands and health hazards on employees – but at the same time provides diverse health promoting resources. Addressing both requires understanding the human being in the larger organizational and societal context. Our program aims to provide deep insight into the current and future health needs of the working population as well as practical skills how to prevent work related health problems and how to promote positive health at work.

To achieve this aim, the program provides both a strong scientific basis and best practice skills. During the joint modules, students will learn common perspectives and procedures across disciplines, completed by in-depth knowledge in their specialization area. The continuous mutual exchange between the specialization areas provides for a strong knowledge transfer throughout the program. During the final, interdisciplinary group project, students will demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills in solving real life work+health issues in the field.

Overall, the balance of highly interactive on-campus courses and complementing, guided distance learning, the well qualified lecturers as well as the strong previous on the job experience of the participants will provide for a stimulating learning environment.

Formally, the english speaking 4-semester part-time program comprises 30 ECTS-points, equalling about 60 on-campus days in totally 12 modules. Lectures will be held in Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland;. We foster interdisciplinarity, giving students with various professional and educational backgrounds the opportunity to learn and work together. The course is open to everyone in or outside Switzerland meeting the admission criteria.

Please find further information on our homepage

Georg Bauer, MD DrPH, Head Divisision Public and Organizational Health, University of Zurich, Switzerland,

Brigitta Danuser, MD, Prof., Head Institute for Work and Health, University of Lausanne,