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MoU on fostering ethical, relevant and rigorous research


"Memorandum of Understanding on fostering ethical, relevant and rigorous research signed by prominent researchers in W&O psychology"

On February 12 and 13, 2016, José Cortina (Past President of SIOP) and Gudela Grote (President of EAWOP) organized the first Small Group Meeting of the Alliance for Organizational Psychology on "Fostering Ethical, Relevant, and Rigorous Research" in Zürich, Switzerland. The twenty-four participants of the meeting signed a Memorandum of Understanding that contains their shared views on what the most pressing problems are that impede the conduct of ethical, rigorous and relevant research in Work and Organizational Psychology and what actions should be taken to alleviate these problems. We welcome reactions to the Memorandum of Understanding and invite everyone to join the actions specified in the Memorandum. Please feel free to contact EAWOP's President Gudela Grote (

Memorandum of Understanding