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Meta-analysis social power: Call for (unpublished) studies


October 2014

Dear colleagues,

We are in the process of preparing a meta-analysis on the cognitive and behavioral effects of social Power, and are trying to find unpublished studies or published studies that may not come up in a digital literature search.

We wish to include studies examining the cognitive and behavioral effects of having high social power (vs. having low power, or no power, or unknown power). These include studies in which (real life) power differences are measured as well as (experimental) studies in which power differences are manipulated.

As dependent variables, we are particularly interested in finding studies that assess cognitive effects of social power, including information processing, risk estimations (in relation to decision making), and stereotyping or objectification in person perception. In addition, we wish to collect studies examining behavioral effects of social power, including self-interested vs. other-focused (caring, helping) behavior, action orientation, and risk taking.

If you have conducted a study on social power that meets these criteria, please submit your contact information and upload a PDF containing relevant study details through the following link:

Thank you for your consideration,

Frank De Wit (Melbourne Business School)

Naomi Ellemers (Leiden University)

Kai Sassenberg (University of Tübingen)

Daan Scheepers (Leiden University)

Annika Scholl (University of Tübingen)