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Junior Researcher Programme jSchool 2018: Italy


Junior Researcher Programm jSchool 2018: Italy

8th – 15th July

The jSchool offers the chance to gain valuable experience in designing intercultural research in small groups under supervision of early-career researchers. It provides a platform for psychology students to conduct research in an international setting and in their field of interest, with the aim to publish in scientific journals.

The jSchool includes lectures and seminars from experts in the field, and six research groups led by Research Supervisors. The final day of the jSchool marks the beginning of student enrolment into the Junior Researcher Programme. 

Why become a Research Supervisor?

Becoming a Research Supervisor in the Junior Researcher Programme is a unique opportunity for academic and personal development. Supervisors are given the chance to lead a group of six talented and motivated undergraduate and postgraduate psychology students in designing and conducting a cross-cultural research project of their choosing related to the theme: Communication: The psychology of information.

Expectations of a Research Supervisor

We are looking to recruit six determined, resilient, and motivated researchers with the skills and ability to supervise, direct, and support a group of six international psychology students to complete a cross-cultural research project (generally 13 months) 

  • To plan for and run research group sessions during the summer school
  • To supply methodological and technical expertise on the research project from the outset
  • To continue working on the study after the jSchool, oversee all aspects of the project, and attend the JRP Conference in the following year
  • To ensure that the research project culminates in a written dissemination, at minimum, a protocol paper for our partner journal.

Research Supervisors must be willing to commit to their proposed research projects for the duration of the programme. The programme starts with the jSchool in July 2018 and ends with the JRP Conference in August 2019.

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