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In Practice – the ejournal of EAWOP


In Practice – the ejournal of EAWOP

This month we publish the 7th issue of EWOP In Practice with papers on the application of Work and Organizational Psychology (WOP). We are happy that the journal is receiving some excellent material building on the success of our Congresses and another successful WorkLab held in Vilnius in 2014 (described in detail in this edition).

However, by far our most significant achievement this year has been the recognition of In Practice by the Association of Business Schools (ABS). We have been recognised as a one star journal (appearing on p. 45 of the ABS list). As one of our contributors said:

“This is a great achievement …….. to get this young journal into the 'mainstream'!”

In Practice will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary with the 2016 edition; so please think of contributing some of your work so that we can have a mega edition  to read.

Please "click" below to read the e-journal.