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Frontiers in Psychology Research Topic - Understanding Barriers to Workplace Equality: A Focus on the Target’s Perspective



Guest editors: Michelle Ryan, Christopher Begeny, Renata Bongiorno, Teri Kirby, and Thekla Morgenroth (all University of Exeter)
Deadline for abstracts: 31 January 2018
Deadline for manuscripts: 31 August 2018

The workplace continues to be the site of many continuing inequalities. We seek to bring together research on workplace inequality including those inequalities based on gender and race, with research on inequalities based on other, less researched group memberships and protected characteristics, such as those based on (but not limited to) sexuality, trans and non-binary gender identity, class, age, religion, parental or pregnancy status, or ableness. We encourage papers that look at workplace inequality from an intersectional perspective.
We also seek to focus on the target’s perspective: those who are subjected to unequal treatment or expectations in the workplace, rather than on those who perpetrate inequality. We aim to understand how individuals respond to barriers to workplace equality, such as stereotypes and the attitudes of others, societal norms, workplace culture, a lack of role models, or discriminatory practices. We are interested in a range of responses, including (but not restricted to) targets’ attitudes and emotions, their choices and decision-making, and their performance and other work-place behaviors.
We are open to a range of methodologies and manuscript types, including original research, theory papers, and reviews. We encourage research that is pre-registered, we will consider work that is both hypothesis confirming and disconfirming, and those that report on the (non)-reproducibility of existing findings.
For further information, please see
Please direct any inquiries (e.g., suitability, format, scope, etc.) about the research topic to the topic editors: Michelle Ryan ( ), Chris Begeny ( ), Renata Bongiorno ( ), Teri Kirby ( ), and Thekla Morgenroth ( ).