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Call for papers: Submission deadline June 5th 2013


EAWOP Small Group Meeting 2013



September 19th-21st, 2013.
University of Valencia (Spain)

Organizers: José M. Peiró, Neil Anderson and Fred Zijlstra

The EAWOP Small Group Meeting on Innovation in Organizations, Initiative and Creativity: A Dialectic Perspective will be held at Psychology School, University of Valencia (Spain) from 19th-21st September 2013. The Small Group Meeting will feature top international scholars and experts on initiative, entrepreneurship and innovation in organisations as well as presentations by a relatively small number of academics with specific interest/expertise in this topic and will give all participants plenty of chance for debate and discussion.

Small Group Meeting Theme and Focus
Research on organizational innovation provided a big amount of interesting results about causes and consequences of innovation both at individual, team and organizational level, with main attention paid to performance. Nevertheless, a synthesis of results and clarification of what practices runs out in practice and what practices does not is needed. Also, there is the need to deep analyze other aspects of innovation, creativity and initiative in organizations and avoid routine research to understand possible unexpected effects of innovation. Exploring the more dysfunctional, conflictual, and counterproductive aspects of innovation and their impact on the psychological well-being will be one of the main focus of this SGM. Some of the questions and topics issued in the Small Group Meeting will be:

  1. What have we learnt on how to develop innovations in organizations in practice? What conditions favor the development of innovations? What individual, group and organizational variables act as barriers for innovation?
  2. Innovation at different levels in organizations. From the innovative behaviors of individuals to innovative organizations.
  3. Beyond performance: Do innovation affect at workers well-being? How individuals cope with high demands on innovations?
  4.  Beyond the “pro-innovation bias”: Are all effects of innovations good? Are there unexpected and counterproductive effects of innovations? How innovation could affect conflict, overload, failure or other disruptive results in organizations?
  5. Analyzing the dynamics of innovation at individual, team and organizational level. Do the same variables and factors affect different phases at the innovation process?
  6. Personal initiative and creativity as potential drives for organizational innovation.
  7. How to combine individual, group and organizational resources and capabilities to increase innovation benefits? Considering ambidexterity.
  8. Applying a dialectic perspective to innovation research.

We plan a small-scale workshop over two days and a half, with 3 keynote addresses (Profs. Neil Anderson, Michael West & Jing Zhou), around 20 oral presentations and plenty of time for discussion. Exhibiting an additional amount of posters during the meeting will also be possible. There will be no registration fees.

Submission of Papers
Abstracts of papers (max. 500 words) should be submitted before JUNE 5TH OF 2013 to José Ramos ( After the review process each author will be notified about the acceptance of the submitted abstract by 30TH OF JUNE 2013. Full papers must be submitted before 30st of July 2013. Papers should not exceed 40 pages (including tables, figures and references). Papers will be made available on a website for all participants, so that all information can be studied before the small group meeting takes place.

Publication of Papers
The outcomes of the meeting will appear in the form of a position paper submitted to EJWOP. We hope that selected papers will be published in a special issue of an academic journal.

Valencia is the third most populated city in Spain. International Airport is located at 20’ by direct train with city centre. A High Speed Train (AVE in Spanish) railroad connects Valencia with Madrid ten times by day (between 96’ and 110’ travel time). Sunny and warm weather is expected in the dates of SGM.
The workshop will commence on 19 September and will conclude on 21 September around 13:00 hours.

Organising Committee
Prof José M. Peiró, Prof Neil Anderson, Prof Fred Zijlstra, Prof Ana Cristina Costa, Prof Lourdes Munduate, Prof José Ramos, Francisco J. Sánchez and Francisco Santolaya.

Contact Person
Prof José Ramos (
Psychology School, University of Valencia
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 21. 46010 Valencia (Spain)
Tel: +34 96 398 3610