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EAWOP Congress 2019. State of Art in Personnel Selection


EAWOP Congress 2019

State of Art: Personnel selection
During the EAWOP 2019 Congress a State of the Art speech on personnel selection will be given by Professor Dragos Iliescu. He gives us a short introduction to it:

"Fairness in personnel selection is an important category of research drawing both from fundamental assessment literature, and from labor relations and personnel psychology. When drawing from assessment literature, research and practice tends to follow the precepts of the AERA-APA-NCME Standards for Educational and Psychological Assessment, focusing on the quality of measures (reliability, validity, equivalence etc.) and of the assessment process. When drawing from personnel psychology and labor relations, research and practice tends to focus rather on the legal implications and protection against liability in the selection process. These two lines of research will be discussed, as well as a number of outcomes related to fairness in the personnel selection process, such as test-taker mood and future
attitudes, with an impact on longer-term phenomena such as employer branding, population attitude towards testing and more generally towards employment selection". 

*Brief Bio:
Dragos Iliescu is a Professor of Psychology with the University of Bucharest. Dragos Iliescu has served in various capacities for a number of national and international professional associations; he is the immediate Past-President (2016-2018) of the International Test Commission (ITC). He is an Associate Editor for the European Journal of Psychological Assessment, and the author of over 100 scientific papers, book chapters and books, among them the co-Editor of the acclaimed ITC International Handbook of Testing and Assessment, published in 2016 by Oxford University Press, and the author of an important monography (Adapting tests in linguistic and cultural situations) published with Cambridge University Press.

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