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Call for Papers: Submission deadline May 1st 2013


Call for Papers

EAWOP Small Group Meeting on
“Gender Equality in Organizations: The Impact of Stereotypical Perceptions and Gender Differences“

October 9th to 11th, 2013
Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Guest Speakers
Prof. Michelle Ryan, PhD (University of Exeter)
Prof. Franciska Krings, PhD (HEC Lausanne)

Alina S. Hernandez Bark & Prof. Dr. Rolf van Dick (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Dr. Susanne Braun (LMU Munich, TUM School of Management),
Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus (TUM School of Management), Prof. Dr. Dieter Frey (LMU Munich)

Meeting Scope
Even though there has been an increase in women participating in the European labor market and women attain equal or slightly higher educational degrees than men (Eurostats, 2011), women are still underrepresented in management (Catalyst, 2012). The statistics and current research in the area of gender in organizations indicate that gender equality has not been reached to date, especially when it comes to male-dominated domains (e.g., Heilman, 2012; Koenig, Eagly, Mitchell, & Ristikari, 2011; O’Neil, Hopkins, & Bilimoria, 2008).

This EAWOP Small Group Meeting is seeking to inspire innovative research in the area of gender in organizations in terms of novel methodological, theoretical and empirical approaches, and to initiate research cooperation across Europe. 

It will focus on some of the following unresolved issues, for example:

(1) Measurement

  • How are gender roles best measured?
  • How appropriate are current gender equality measures?
  • Does it suffice to assess biological gender to draw conclusions about gender differences in leadership?

(2) Gender Differences and Stereotypes:

  • Do female and male leaders have different expectations of subordinates (i.e., implicit follower theories)?
  • What influence has gender constellation in leader-employee dyads – not just examining match, but in all possible combinations?
  • Are there different effects of working part time, taking a family break, etc. for female and male leaders? And if so, why?
  • Are there intercultural differences in gender stereotypes across different countries in Europe due to legislation or cultural values/traditions?

(3) Interventions

  • How can we influence and/or modify gender role expectations?
  • How can we foster gender equality in management?
  • How does organizational culture impact gender roles and what are the implications for interventions?
  • What are the consequences of showing traditional vs. non-traditional women and men in organizational communication?
  • How does gender neutral, male or feminine framing in job advertisements impact applicants’ self-concept, salary demands, etc.?

Meeting Schedule
The three-day meeting features two exciting keynote speeches (Prof. Michelle Ryan, PhD, University of Exeter; Prof. Franciska Krings, PhD, HEC Lausanne), approximately 20 to 25 scholarly presentations, and sessions for discussion of future research collaboration. There will be no fee for meeting participation.

Frankfurt am Main (Germany) is located in the center of Europe, and a truly international city. It represents Europe’s largest financial center on the continent, boasts an international cultural scene, and many historical sights. Frankfurt am Main is equipped with an International Airport and a good infrastructure (i.e., public transport, hotels, cultural venues, museums, etc.). Please find further information about the city here

Goethe University Frankfurt, founded in 1914 and inspired by the legacy of the European Enlightenment, has a history of openness and public participation. It belongs to the top research universities in Germany. Please find further information about the university here

Abstract Submission
Submissions to this EAWOP Small Group Meeting on “Gender Equality in Organizations: The Impact of Stereotypical Perceptions and Gender Differences“ should focus on Gender Equality in Organizations, but are not restricted to the topics and questions listed above.  Please submit abstracts of up to 500 words until May 1st 2013 to Susanne Braun ( Abstracts will be evaluated and selected based on (1) the quality of the paper and (2) the fit between the proposals topic and the topic of the SGM.  Further, we would like to ask you to include the information if you are an EAWOP member. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by June 15th 2013.

SGM Website
Further information about the EAWOP Small Group Meeting on “Gender Equality in Organizations: The Impact of Stereotypical Perceptions and Gender Differences” will be posted here

We look forward to your submissions to this exciting EAWOP Small Group Meeting!