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Alliance for Organizational Psychology Special Sessions


Alliance for Organizational Psychology Special Sessions
International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP)

2018 June 26-30, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Alliance has three Special Sessions planned at the International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP):

Meet the Editors
The aim of the session is for conference participants to meet the editors of several top-tier journals in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology and learn more about the journal submission and review process. This is a session where everyone should feel comfortable and “safe” to ask what they’ve always wanted to know about the journal submission process. Editors will begin by presenting a 5-minute summary of their respective journals to maximize time for audience participation. Panelists will then be asked to comment on the following areas: journal fit; characteristics of an ideal paper, the review process, what reviewers can do, and ethical considerations. This session will include editors and associate editors from some of the top international journals in Work and Organizational Psychology. Chair: Julie McCarthy. Panelists include Gilad Chen, Kevin Daniels, Maria Kraimer, Gary Latham, Scott Tonidandel and Ute Stephane.

Removing Barriers for Women: How to Advance Women in Organizations
Despite women’s advances in the paid labour force and increasing access to non-traditional careers, they are still underrepresented in roles of power and authority all over the world – particularly in top leadership roles. Although society, policy makers and businesses agree that there is a problem, the cure to fixing women’s underrepresentation has not been found, despite organizations investing in policies and practices to promote gender equality and women’s advancement. Research suggests that as women enter and navigate the labyrinth of leadership, they are faced with a number of complex and intertwined challenges and barriers - including structural barriers, cultural barriers, and organizational barriers, all contributing to women's underrepresentation in leadership. This panel brings together leading scholars and practitioners to discuss issues of gender and leadership. In doing so, this forum aims to facilitate a fruitful and knowledgeable exchange around the question of how barriers for women within organizations can be successfully removed. Chair: Lynda Zugec. Panelists include Kimberlea Baron, Hazel McLaughlin, Virginia Schein, Kristyn Scott, and Winny Shen.

Work-family Interface Around the World: Science and Practice
Around the world, the experience of work-family conflict and stress for men and women continues to be an issue, with personal, organizational, and societal consequences. At the same time, there are cultural differences in work-family policies and practices implemented at the organizational and societal level. This panel aims to bring together scholars who have taken a global and multilevel perspective in studying work-family polices and ways to reduce the strain of these multiple roles. Discussion will address current trends, challenges, and future needs for both science and practice. Co-Chairs: Alicia Grandey & Julie McCarthy. Panelists include Tammy Allen, Laura den Dulk, Karen Korabik, Ariane Ollier-Malaterre, and Mina Westman.