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25th APS Annual Convention


May 23-26, 2013 – Washington, DC, USA

The APS Convention is the premiere international meeting solely dedicated to psychological science, featuring special talks, symposia, and posters presenting the latest research across the entire field. The meeting is an excellent opportunity to meet distinguished scientists, learn about the latest research and methods, and network for tomorrow’s collaborations.

Call for Submissions Open Through 31 January 2013:
APS's convenient online system includes opportunities to submit symposium and poster presentations.

Submit Now: (Link)

Special Note for Convention Attendees Outside North America

APS Helps You Go the Distance! Save 50% off registration

Register Now (with Discount Code INTL13DC): (Link)

Featured Speakers:
Ted Abel; Francisco Aboitiz; Deanna Barch; Pierre Barrouillet; Jennifer A. Bartz; John E. Bates; Roy F. Baumeister; Cedric Boeckx; Denny Borsboom; John T. Cacioppo; Valérie Camos; Tamlin S. Connor; Geoff Cumming; Marleen de Moor; Eric Eich; Richard Emsley; Michael Fanselow; Susan T. Fiske; Michael S. Gazzaniga; Morton Ann Gernsbacher; Fernand R. Gobet;  Alicia A. Grandey; James J. Gross; Eddie Harmon-Jones; Ralph Hertwig; Larry V. Hedges; Leslie K. John; Wendy Johnson;  Daniel Kahneman; Robert M. Kaplan; Shinobu Kitayama; Gary Lewis; Lynn Liben; Elizabeth F. Loftus; Sebastiaan Mathôt; Brian Nosek; Hal E. Pashler; Elizabeth A. Phelps; Tinca J.C. Polderman; Henry L. Roediger, III; Guillaume A. Rousselet; Rebecca Saxe; Uri Simonsohn; Barbara A. Spellman; Joseph E. Steinmetz; Richard M. Suzman; Yi-Yuan Tang; Sombat Tapanya; Jelte M. Wicherts

Latest Speaker List: (Link)

Registration Information: (Link)

More APS Convention Information: (Link)