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19th International Group Relations Conference in Italy 
1st Conference focused on the Mediterranean

17th - 20th MARCH 2016
Bellavista Hotel – Montegrotto Terme (PD)

A GROUP for those who participate in a Group Relations Conference for the first time
B GROUP for those who have already participated in at least one GRC

The Conference is a temporary organization with the aim of exploring and learning from experiencing the conscious and unconscious processes of group dynamics as they manifest in the “here-and-now” through the exercise of authority and leadership. The primary task of a Group relations Conference is achieved by structuring time and space through a variety of events that, albeit with different purposes, contribute to reach the Conference’s goal. So some places – both in reality and in the mind – are identified. They are delimited by real and mental boundaries which are actively explored during the Conference. The intention is to generate new thoughts and new learning and to review our knowledge and values; we have the opportunity to experience ourselves in multiple and different roles and therefore to develop different individual, organizational and social constructs. Useful elements are provided for an actual and sustainable change in interpreting the different roles in one’s organization and in life, particularly the roles that require an exercise of authority and leadership.

The primary task of the conference is to explore how conscious and unconscious constructs of borders and beauty impact on the way in which staff and members can take up their leadership and authority in the here and now of the conference.

Languages: Italian and English. A consultant will take up the role of interpreter.

The FOCUS of this edition is on the Mediterranean as a matrix for many countries and cultures, as a receptacle or a container for many of the group and societal dynamics that we can witness today in organisational life, business, culture, society and across nations.

The MAIN THEMES faced during the Conference are:
• The nature of authority and leadership.
• The management of boundaries (time, space, task), roles and tasks in organizations.
• The dynamics of competition and cooperation.
• The resistance to change.
• The relational approaches and relatedness among individuals, groups and organizations.
• The impact of conscious and unconscious processes on the culture and functioning of the organization.
• The relationship between borders and boundaries: similarities and differences.
• The relationship and reciprocal influence of aesthetics and economics.
• The impact of language and of multiple migrant cultures on organisational and business processes/dynamics.

• Experience different roles and authority levels, leadership and followership in multiple contexts and situations.
• Explore boundaries through the experiential learning taking place in the conference.
• Explore emotional and irrational aspects of organizational life, as well as the impact every person has on the others and vice versa.
• Acquire greater awareness of the emotional, non-rational, unconscious or latent dimensions so that this learning can be used in organizational actions.
• Recognize the systemic aspects of organizational life in relation to the socio-political, cultural, spiritual and unconscious dimensions at the root of interpersonal, group, organization and system relationships.
• Develop the abilities to transform one’s own role in an organizational context and exercise an effective and sustainable leadership.
• Understand and overcome individual and collective resistances which hinder innovations in organizations.
• Improve communication inside the organization, the ability to manage human resources and the processes of delegation and the understanding of the impact that linguistic and cultural differences have on groups and organizations.
• Generate new ideas, aesthetic practices and effective ways to create sustainable organisations.

The CONFERENCE METHODOLOGY promotes self-reflective skills and encourages a spirit of research. The Conference has no therapeutic aim and its field of inquiry is not focused on individual behaviour or functioning. This kind of event can sometimes be stressful. Therefore, individuals who are experiencing a period of significant personal difficulty should forego attendance at this time.

Taking part in ALI can be particularly useful for those who work in business organizations, public services and not-for-profit organizations, for those who are interested in understanding and managing organizations and group dynamics within complex situations and want to enhance their competence and effectiveness in dealing with them.

All organizational processes include an emotional, irrational, and unconscious dimension. When this component is not recognized and managed, the system’s effectiveness decreases or comes to a halt, therefore implying both an emotional and financial cost for the organization itself.
Participation in the Conference allows you to observe, recognize and manage this dimension, essential for the functioning of each system and organization.

For this reason the Conference can be particularly effective when two or more members from the same organization register, especially in the case or prospect of prominent changes, crises, mergers, takes-overs, etc. Therefore, if more people from the same organization participate, each will benefit from a discount.

The conference starts on the 17th March at 11 am and ends on the 20th March at 5 pm. Checkin and Registration: from 10:00 am to 10:50 am. Participants are expected to attend the whole programme of the conference, which is residential.

Enrollments made BY 03/02/2016
• Single room accommodation € 1.300 + VAT
• Twin room accommodation € 1.200 + VAT

Enrollments made AFTER 03/02/2016
• € 1.400 + VAT

Fee includes participation in the Conference and full board. Any additional services (e.g. access to the thermal area) must be paid by participants to the hotel.
The request for registration is considered valid upon receipt of the application form duly signed and accompanied by the confirmation of the payment of the booking fee of 250 €. In the case of non-attendance the deposit will not be refunded.

For organizations and companies who send two or more participants and for those who live outside of Italy.
There are bursaries, to be requested no later than 31/01/2016 by filling in the online form at

AGENZIA MOSAICO Via San Secondo, 31 - 10128 Torino
+39 011 5681238 | |

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