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Welcome to our website

This is the official website of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP)

Dear members of EAWOP, dear colleagues and friends,

EAWOP is the leading organization in Europe when it comes to evidence-informed science and practice on people, work and organizations. For over 30 years, EAWOP has been connecting work and organizational psychologists across Europe to contribute to meaningful and decent work, to improve management and organizations. Please check-out our website to see the many activities that we support.

Together we create EAWOP. I would therefore like to call upon you to contribute to an even more thriving EAWOP with your membership, ideas and participation. Please use the opportunities offered by this website as well as contact me and the other EC members directly to share ideas, concerns, start initiatives and build stronger networks.

EAWOP Newsletter June 2023 (Short version)

The Congress in Katowice – 21st EAWOP Congress; The Future Is Now: The Changing World of Work

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who attended last month’s congress in Katowice, Poland. The wonderful city of Katowice, Poland played host to the 21st biennial congress. Under the congress theme ‘The Future is Now: The Changing World of Work’, psychologists from dozens of countries across the globe attended the much-anticipated event.
The EAWOP EC would like to thank everyone who was involved in organizing the conference and making it a reality.  Next congress will be in Prague May 21st – 24th – We recommend saving the date.

Welcome our new EAWOP president and two new EC members!

At the General Assembly, May 25th, we had an election for President and two new EC members. First, we would like to thank all candidates and welcome Dr Evangelia Demerouti as our new EAWOP president and Hildur Jóna Bergþórsdóttir and Dr Monica Molino as our new EC members. Together with Dragos Iliescu, Deirdre O'Shea, Eva Derous and Ana Hernandez they form the new EAWOP EC. Finally, we would like to send a big thank you to our former President Annemarie Hiemstra, our former General Secretary David Holeman and Michela Cortini, for their hard work on behalf of EAWOP.

A few words from our new president, Dr Evangelia Demerouti

There are many societal, technological, and economic developments that may impact our way of working and hopefully EAWOP will play a more active role in specifying the impact of the next challenges. It is our responsibility to have answers on how to advise organizations, governments, and employee representatives on how to deal with these grant societal challenges so that the quality of work and employee well-being are positively affected. One of our goals is to search for possibilities to stimulate improvement in the quality of our research and we would like to invite all members with ideas to feel free to contact us so that we can see how members of our fantastic association can support each other. EAWOP can play the role of a community where people meet each other and support each other with new initiatives. It is important to make EAWOP more of a community where there is a continuous exchange between members instead of once every one or two years at conferences or small group meetings. One of our priorities is to update our website so that it can become a meeting place where members can exchange resources and communicate with each other.

Small Group meetings - Call for Proposals 2023

EAWOP’s mission is to promote and support the development of Work and Organizational Psychology in Europe. Small Group Meetings (SGM), which are small-scale research or practice-oriented conferences for 20-25 participants with an international group of delegates that aim to stimulate contact between EAWOP members, and to develop cross-national collaborative networks within Europe. The EAWOP Executive Committee (EC) is happy to announce the opening of a new call for SGM proposals. It is proposed to support up to three Small Group Meetings.
EAWOP members interested in organising a SGM are invited to submit a proposal to the EAWOP EC by the deadline on September 15th, 2023. 

WorkLab 2023

The WorkLab aims to provide a platform for the latest scientific research to be brought to an audience of practitioners, who can thereby develop and enhance their professional practice and skills. We have 2 WorkLab events planned for the second half of 2023, an online event (8th September:  Online facilitation for high engagement) and a face-to- face workshop in Valencia (2nd - 4th November: Engaging Leadership: Cultivating Employee Strengths and Psychological Safety in Organizations).

EAWOP membership

When participating in the EAWOP congress, mentioned above, the congress fee automatically includes a two-year membership. For those of you that were not able to attend the congress, you might want to check if your membership has expired. If your membership has expired, we invite you to renew your membership.
Why should you be a member at EAWOP? You can read the benefits of being an EAWOP member on our website, but we would like to draw special attention to the fact that full members of the association are able to enjoy all services provided by EAWOP and take part in all activities organized by EAWOP.  These activities are for example small group meetings, early career summer school, WorkLabs etc.
All members (Full member, Associate member, Student and Senior members) also have online access to EAWOP's journals: European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (EJWOP), Organizational Psychology Review (OPR) and the EAWOP Practitioners E-journal In Practice.


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