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Antonino Callea Full member
Title:   Ph. D.  
Organisation /
Department /
  LUMSA University  
Nationality:   ITALY  
Work address:   Piazza delle Vaschette, 101
00193 Rome
Private address:   Via dei Rangoni, 32/a
00148 Rome
Phone:   +393492320005  
Areas of interest:   Employment relations
Well-being at work
Occupational health, safety and stress
Organizational behavior
Teams and work groups
Industrial relations
Research and methodology
CV:   PDF  

Recent publications  
    Piccoli, B., Callea, A., Urbini, F., Chirumbolo, A., Ingusci, E., De Witte, H. (2017). Job Insecurity and Performance: The Mediating Role of Organizational Identification. Personnel Review, 46, 8, 1508-1522. Chirumbolo, A., Urbini, F., Callea, A., Lo Presti, A., Talamo, A. (2017). Occupations at risk and organizational well-being: An empirical test of a job insecurity integrated model. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, Article number 2084. Callea, A., Lo Presti, A., Mauno, S., Urbini, F. (2019). The Associations of Quantitative/Qualitative Job Insecurity and Well-Being: The Role of Self-Esteem. International Journal of Stress Management, 26(1), 46-56. Ingusci, E., Callea, A., Zito, M., Cenciotti, R., Borgogni, L., Colombo, L., Cortese, C.G., Demerouti, E. (2019). Self-efficacy and work performance: The role of job crafting in middle-age workers. International Journal of Business and Society, 20, 2, 533-551.